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Can't stream a movie? 
Our networks are designed for ALL users to seamlessly stream movies, video chat and use VoIP.  

Providing Internet service at your resort is no longer an added benefit, it is now a requirement. Users no longer just wanting to check emails they needed to stream videos, use video chat and VOiP. Most importantly they want the ability to use these applications without hassle and are demanding easy, affordable and dependable service. 

At Jabba Communications we do just that, we provide superior internet service without all of the hassle. We are not a one size fits all company. We custom design, engineer, and deploy each network to fit your needs. We have endless applications to suit the needs of RV Resorts, Office buildings, Air force bases, Manufactured Home Communities and more!

Existing infrastructure gone bad?​​

Let Jabba Communications custom engineer, build, manage and maintain a high speed network for your Manufactured Home Community. 



Not sure if a wireless or wired network is best for your community? 
Let Jabba Communications help you choose the best solution to fit your individual needs. Call us today to find out how Jabba will custom engineer, build, manage and maintain your high speed  WIRELESS or WIRED network at NO COST to you today!