4. Click on “ Suspend Package” at the bottom of the Subscribed Package(s) column.

1. From the Jabba website ( www.jabbacom.com), click on “CLICK HERE TO MANAGE YOUR ACCOUNT”, (top right corner of this page).

Closing your account? Follow the EASY steps below!

6. Congratulation! Your account is now active and ready to use! 

4. Enter in all the fields to create user name and password. Remember, your user name and password, you will need it to sign in.  You can use the same user

name and password on up to 5 devises!  Once all fields have been enter click "next".

 3. Select your service plan and click "next".

​Ready to open a new account? Returning for season? Follow the EASY steps below! 

1. Turn on your equipment. If you have an outdoor antenna,  power it on first.  Wait 60 seconds and then power on your router.
**DSL Customers -  Plug in your DSL modem and computer
. Turn your computer.
2. Open a web browser (i.e internet explorer, firefox, google chrome, or safari). This will automatically direct you to the Jabba log in page. 

5. Enter in the credit card number you will be using to pay for your account. Once completed click "next". 

3. Once logged in, select the “Packages” tab.

2. Log into your account by signing in with your user ID and password.

Missed something or need some help? Our friendly support staff is available 7 days a week, 6am to 8pm. 602.235.0591

5. You have successfully closed your account and stopped all future billings if the Status of your account at the bottom right corner reads “ Status: Suspended.”