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More and more travelers select their stay based on internet services. Business or Leisure? WIFI service is no longer a bonus – it’s a requirement for travelers. In their suites, by the pool or at the gym, travelers want to get connected and stay connected.

About Service

Jabba’s network management, design, and implementation enables all guests the seamless experience of moving with connectivity throughout your property.

Move around the resort

Sitting by the pool? Delight guests with your secure reliable network. Poolside selfies anyone? Move about the entire resort all while staying connected.

In Room Experience

High speed in room WIFI is one of the most important parts of traveling. Rest assure Jabba will deliver a high performance experience for all guests in every room.

World Class Support

Our in house customer service team provide the very best support. Rest assure your network will stay secure and proactively be monitored 7/24/365, by our Phoenix NOC (Network Operation Center)

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