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Add a new revenue stream to your marina while boaters stream videos from the comfort of their slips.

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Bring reliable WIFI services throughout your marina with Jabba.

Build it right

Skilled engineering, deployment and the use of commercial grade equipment are just a few factors to creating a successful Marina WIFI system.

Return on Investment

Consider offering paid WIFI streaming capabilities to residents at their slip, the marina restaurant, or on the jetty daily, weekly or monthly! With Jabba's hands on approach monetizing your Marina Network has never been so easy.

Security Cameras

Keep your Marina secure with Jabba's cloud based security camera system. Check your cameras from the ease of your mobile device, in real time.

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Choosing Jabba as your exclusive WIFI provider and gives boaters a new reason to dock at any of your ports. Knowing your Marinas provide quality reliable WIFI service will keep boaters in your marinas not your competitors.

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