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Is your current network not performing as you had hoped?
Equipment out of date? Looking to lower bandwidth cost? Residents and guests complaining? Set up a free network consultation with us today either in person or over the phone.

We'll help you find the right service for you

During your network consultation, we will discuss your needs, wants, and must-haves.

During your consultation we will discuss your needs, wants and must-haves. Are you looking to provide free service to users, paid services or a combination of both? Jabba will review all options for you to consider.

Finally, our team will get together to brainstorm, design and prepare our proposal to present.

Network Consultation • Network Consultation

What You Can Expect

Network System

Jabba will design and implement your network with cutting edge technology and top of the line commercial equipment. The system is engineered to give you the ability to easily update your network down the road.

Network Accessibility

Jabba enables seamless internet access spanning the entire property. Our industrial grade applications provide convenience for all users in challenging environments across North America.

Network Experience

It’s all about the user experience. From the early stages of designing your network to the end user, everyone deserves top-notch services. Customer satisfaction is where we rise above the competition.