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Jabba offers a variety of options tailored to your property and budget.

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About jabba Networks


No two properties are the same; therefore, no two networks should be designed the same way. Engineering your network to fit the unique needs of your property is vital to the end-user experience. Jabba will perform an onsite survey and then review the options with you. We will determine if wired, WiFi, fixed wireless, or a combination of these protocols are the best option for your unique enterprise.


Our highly skilled engineers continuously monitor our networks to provide real-time responses and proactively resolve complex issues. Utilizing our NOC (Network Operations Center) effectively means we provide a seamless internet experience.


Jabba leads the industry in sourcing and implementing the latest technology and equipment. We consistently upgrade our systems to keep your custom network running effectively, efficiently, and securely.

Tiered Services

Jabba was one of the first providers to offer tiered services. From the beginning, we have understood that no two clients are the same, so no two clients have the same online needs.

Our network architects are highly proficient at bandwidth and network management to guarantee end users get the exact tier of service they have selected and nothing less!

Fixed Wireless Services

Jabba has been at the forefront of Fixed Wireless for over a decade, and it’s where the Jabba Team truly outdoes themselves. Our dedicated bandwidth and network management means every user’s experience is as if they are the only one online, especially during busy peak hours.

World Class Technical Support

Our techs pride themselves on being “tech geeks,” and we do too. Our Phoenix AZ based, Tech Support Staff love technology, WIFI, helping customers, and are always up for a challenge. Our in-house training program is vigorous, and our techs will never follow a script! All staff members have a solid understanding of tablets, computers, phones, VPNs, so devices get online quickly. Our results speak for themselves: 95% of all calls are answered within 90 seconds, and 98% of trouble tickets are resolved during the first call.

Our team of experienced professionals will help you design a customized security camera system that perfectly fits your needs and budget.

Jabba is excited to offer go anywhere home phone services while you travel anywhere in the US and Canada.
The way you watch TV will never be the same. Jabba’s live streaming IPTV is now available in select markets.

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New Jabba Users need to access the Resort network at their location to be directed to their locations sign up page. Please feel free to reach out to our customer support if you require further help.

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